Today’s spotlight is on Jeremy Scott Foster or famously known by his followers as the TravelFreak.

From blogging about the Tools You Need to Travel the World to blogging about his Travel hacks, Jeremy writes about anything to help out fellow ‘travel freaks’ and even those that are still finding their inner travel freak selves.


Almost a year out of college, Jeremy decided that living the ordinary life was really not his thing. So he left his job and booked a flight to other side of the world. He described it as “a fateful year”.  Less than a year after graduating college and just like any other human being who’s fed up, Jeremy quit his job at an IT industry and flew to the “Land of Nopes” or commonly known as Australia. And since 2010, Jeremy has been travelling all around the world, looking for new adventures every time.


Jeremy makes his road money by freelance writing, shooting a little travel photography, bar tending and as an online influencer. For almost seven years, Jeremy found a way to maintain the “work-life” balance and keep the travel going!

One thing that makes Jeremy stand out from other bloggers is how he focuses on writing blogs about how to travel without spending too much and without having less fun.

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“I don’t believe in living life on someone else’s terms. I believe in making the most out of every opportunity and living life on your own terms.”

Jeremy Scott Foster

Jeremy Scott Foster

aka “Travel Freak”

“Opportunities don’t just present themselves—they have to be created”

Jeremy Scott Foster

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