So on to a new feature here a 4mwy called ‘Spotlights’. This feature will highlight others living the 4mwy lifestyle and helps connect you with other perspectives in the travel universe.

this american girl

Today’s spotlight is on Camille Willemain aka “This American Girl”. I’ve been following her stories and watched her following grow over the past 2 or so years and though she would make the perfect first spotlight feature.

Whether its her countless articles on Travel Guides or posts about how to blog successfully Camille certainly embodies the unlimited goal, a travel lifestyle mixed with brief ‘Work’ periods built in.

Her story:

Camille started off like most people do, working hard to save for the next shiny new thing you can buy.  She had a nice apartment in a nice american city so she could host dinner parties and BBQs for her friends. She spent her money on new clothes, and trendy restaurants and worked 3 jobs to to make it all work. One day, she took a trip to Central America and fell in love. She fell in love with the lifestyle, and with the country. She worked hard to learn her craft and build up a toolbox of skills that would allow her to generate an income on the road. She said that it wasnt easy but she leared as she went and with the help of countless others she built a business out of her passion, travel and self improvement.

How she earns her living.

In Camille’s case she earns money on the road through teaching Yoga and running various retreats in places like Thailand & Costa Rica. She has also talked about travel writing & website building as a source of income while she is on the road.

One of the things that I appreciate most about her writing is her honesty and authenticity of both the struggles and joys of life on the road.

Read more about Camille at her blog This American Girl