While I haven’t been everywhere, I have spent the better part of the last 2 years travelling and living in the Philippines. I have lived on the tiny Island of Boracay as well as in the larger city of Cebu and I can tell you that there is no shortage of amazing adventures that you can have here.

The beer is cheap, the people are friendly and almost everyone speaks amazing English!

If you are looking to spend a week or a year I can pretty much guarantee you wont get bored of the seemingly endless beaches, world class scuba diving and some of the best karaoke nights you’ll ever have! So join me on my adventure and lets explore some of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines!


Cebu is a bustling city but is still very close to nature. With no less that 6 waterfalls hikable within a 15min drive from the busy city streets, it’s the perfect starting point for weekend adventures as well as short day trips.

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Palawan is a series of islands in the South China Sea that feels almost undiscovered. Tourism here is still developing but if you make the journey I assure that you won’t be disappointed. From spectacular WW2 era ship wreaks to dive near Coron Island to some of the most pristine, beautiful beaches near El Nido to quite possibly the best 30 minutes of snorkeling I’ve ever had while island hopping near El Nido, this island chain has everything you could want in a tropical getaway.

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Luzon is home to Manila, the largest city in the Philippines and most likely your first point of entry into this beautiful county. While Manila can be a bit crazy, and has some of the worst traffic I’ve ever experienced there are some absolute gems on this large island once you get yourself out of the city. From locations used for the Survivor reality TV show to active volcano’s that you can hike to the possibility of seeing whale sharks in their natural habitat.

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Boracay has made many top 10 beaches in the world lists over the past 20 years. I made this tiny island my home for 4 months in the winter of 2015/2016 and can give a locals perspective on where to go what to eat and what to avoid. 

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Mindenao is a large island to the South of the Philippines. While I haven’t explored the main island as much as I’d like due to recent travel advisories I have visited the northeast corner and specifically the hottest surfing spot in the Philippines, the beautiful island of Siargao. There is world class surfing and some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered here in this Island Nation. To the south of Siargao lies the island of Bucas Grande and some hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered. Join me and explore my guide to Northestern Mindenao

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Bohol is home the the Chocolate Hills and the adorable little Tasier monkeys (Picture) but it also has spectacular diving, world class beaches and waterfalls plus it’s one of the best road tripable destinations I have found in the Philippines. So rent a motorbike and lets hit the road in Bohol!

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