Cost Of Living In Cebu City Philippines

2020 UPDATE: Cebu City is a wonderful city to live in. I have been here for 4 years now and have been asked several times by friends back home exactly what it costs to live here and I generally tell them:

“It depends”

You see generally speaking you can live super cheap here, depending on what kind of lifestyle you are looking for.

Here is the general breakdown of everything I buy on a regular basis:

Cebu City At Night

Monthly Rent Expenses

These were the prices what I was looking to rent in December of 2016. These may change based on demand. Check out sites like or Locanto for the most up to date prices. Be aware that the upper end units are a renters market, you have plenty of room to negotiate. Get the term and price you are looking for. Its not uncommon to rent for 5-8k peso ($100-$160usd) lower than the asking price.

Type Location Amenities Monthly Rent (USD)
Studio Condo – High End Center Of Town – Best Area ??️ Security, Card Access,  Internet, Western Bathroom $500
Studio Condo – Mid Range Center Of Town ?, Security, Good Internet, Western Bathroom, Kitchen $250-$400
Studio Condo – Low End Center Of Town – Out Of The Way Security Guard, OK Internet, Western Bathroom, Kitchen $150-$230
Budget Room – Private Suburbs None – Wired Internet May  not be available, Shared Bathroom $100-$140
Shared Room Suburbs Pool, Gym, Security, Card Access $50-$100

Other Typical Costs (As of Early 2017)

Item Typical Cost (USD)
Power – With Aircon $100-$150/ Month
Power – Without Aircon $20-50 / Month
Medium Big Mac Meal At McDonalds $3.46
Standard Adult Movie Ticket $4.80
Dinner Out At Standard Restaurant $2-$4
Dinner Out At Nice Restaurant $8-12
Dinner Out At The Top Restaurants In The City $20-40
Tax Ride Within City $2-3
Jeepney Ride (Local Buses) $0.14/ride
Loaf Of Bread $1
1 Baked Good At Local Bakery (Bun, Cookie, Cake Slice) $0.10
Local Beer From Store $0.70
Local Beer At A Local Bar $1.10
Local Beer At Night Club $2-3
12 Eggs From Grocery Store $1.20
Coke 235ml (Glass Bottle) $0.50
Coke 500ml Plastic Bottle $0.80
Coke 2L Plastic Bottle $1.53
DSL Internet (8 mpbs) $26/mo
Fibre Internet (100 mbps –  Available most places in the city as of 2020) $58/mo
Cell Phone Internet + Texting plan (2GB Data + unlimited texts) Prepaid $1.73/week
1lb Of Skinless/boneless Chicken Breast $2-$2.50
1lb Of Lean Ground Beef $2.50
Head Of Iceburg Lettuce $1.60
125cc Yamaha/Honda motorbike (New At Dealer) $1200-$1500
Motorbike Oil Change (At Dealer) $6-$7
Litre Of Gas – 95 Octane $0.70-$0.85
Slice Of Good Pizza $2
Local Limes (Calamansi) $0.30/lb