Air-Con Ferry Ticket From Danao ($2.40)
Aircon Ferry Ticket From Cebu Port ($7)
Minimum Recommended Stay
Relaxing Factor

Important Camotes Info


  • Check The Ferry Schedules They Change Often

  • Avoid Weekend Crowds

  • Rent A Motorbike

From Cebu City via Ferry
From Cebu Via Bus + Ferry
From Dumaguete Via Bus+Boat
From Oslob Via Bus+Boat

The Upside

Comotes is a relaxing weekend getaway from the tourist crowds. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and things to see & do. A great spot to rent a bike and explore all day!

The Downside

Comotes is pretty quiet at night. Other than hanging out on the beach for a few drinks there wasn’t much in the way of nightlife going on when I was there in Dec of 2016.  If relaxing is what you are looking for, this place is perfect!

Camotes Island

How To Get To Camotes Island

From Cebu:
Take a bus from the North Bus Terminal bound for Danao and Take the Ferry To Camotes. Or Take the longer ferry directly from the Port in Cebu.

From Dumaguete:
Take a Ferry/Bus or Fly to cebu and follow the directions from Cebu

By Car/Motorbike:
Take the national highway North from Cebu City. When you reach Danao take the ferry to Camotes.
Drive time 2 hrs + Ferry Time 2 hrs

Where To Stay At Camotes Island

Camotes Hotels

You have plenty of hotels to choose from in Santiago. Hotels start about P850 for a fan room, P1250 for a air-con room. Free Wi-Fi is generally included. Check out several places before you make your choice.

Name Phone Cost
Ask around Dreadhouse, on Santiago beach for homestay options P500-1100
Swisslagoon, Santiago Beach, San Francisco +63 926 68 24975 P2000 incl Breakfast
Masamayor’s Beach House and Resort, Brgy Santiago, San Francisco, +63 324 146 015 P1200
Bella Vista Mare, Brgy Santiago, San Francisco +63 917 792 5583 P950-2200

You Cross The River On Your Way To The Falls

The Bridge To The Power Station (Go under it)

The First View Of The Falls As You Walk In

A Time Exposure Of The Falls From A Distance

My Kawasan Falls Experience

I got to Kawasan Falls quite late during my visit in March of 2017. It was starting to get fairly dark by the time I arrived at the falls. There are actually 3 levels of falls here but due to my time constraints I only checked out the lower falls. There were a TON of people walking back as I was walking in, so that told me that it is an extremely busy spot during the day so if I was planning this as my main activity for the day I would try to get there as early as possible to avoid the crowds. Luckily being so late worked in my favor and there were only about 10 or 12 people still in the water when I got there.

You Can Rent The Bamboo Raft Here for $8 For You And Your Closes 20 Friends! They Will Pull You Over To The Falls For Pics & A Dip. Save your $8. Bring a GoPro and swim it – It’s Free.

I took a few pictures/videos and a quick dip in the water.

There was a little bit of a current but not enough to be dangerous, well unless you are a weak swimmer (many locals here are). You can rent a life jacket for $1 if you want to (Again with those fees!).  But if you are a confident swimmer just jump in. The water is a bit cold by Filipino standards, but being a Canadian it was the temperature of a warm lake in Canada so I jumped right in 🙂

Overall Kawasan is a worthwhile destination if you are planning to head to Moalboal, Osmena Peak or Oslob for the Whale sharks.