At The Four Month Work Year

I believe in one thing.

Choice = Freedom

If you had the freedom to choose what you do every day what would you do?

My Four Month Work Year plan has allowed me to make that choice 8 months a year for the last 2 years.

Let me teach you the easiest way to achive the #4mwy dream

There is a catch though.

To learn to live the Four Month Work Year lifestyle you’ll need to join the [Free] club.

So sign up and lets make this our year!

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I blog about the places I travel to so that I can help you plan your trips. Get info on the places I’ve been and see some of the experiences you can have living the Four Month Work Year lifestyle in the travel guides section.

Explore The Guides

Our spotlight section examines other travelpreneur’s lifestyle and how they sustain their travel. While not everyone may use the same methods as us here at the #4mwy they all have one thing in common; they figured out how to make it work for them. Some work on the road, some blog, others are living off a pension and some are just plain broke; but they all find a way to keep their travel lifestyle going. Come explore some of the most successful travelpreneurs on the planet. Welcome to spotlight.


In the FREE Four Month Work Year blueprint video series I teach you exactly what I’d do to start living the #4mwy. I’ll give you specific examples of the ways you can earn a living and travel the rest of the year. It will involve some hard work, this is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

I’ll show you how to build a real business, with real customers using a mix of online and old school marketing methods.

Ready to work hard for the life you want?

The Blueprint is your first step.

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